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The steaks are served juicy, hot and sizzling, the fish and seafood are ocean fresh (we have our own seafood buyer who selects from the ocean docks and aquaculture farms and delivers straight to our restaurant to assure you the finest quality available); and the poultry and seafood are wood grilled to absolute perfection, just the way you like it! The Apache Indians have cooked with mesquite for thousands of years-the wood burns hot, sealing in the natural juices and imparting a distinctive flavor you will enjoy.

You will receive only fresh, choice western beef which is aged in our coolers for three to four weeks before it is cut daily by our expert cutters. Your seafood is prepared in the simple, incomparable tradition of New England cookery. As a guide to help you decide: Top Sirloin is a choice cut of loin steak and is the most flavorful steak. Teriyaki Steak is a Top Sirloin that is marinated for you in a mild Japanese sauce(the house favorite). The New York Sirloin is a boneless strip steak with great flavor and is a bit more tender than the Top Sirloin. If your choice is Shrimp, you Gulf Shrimp is baked in a mild garlic butter or marinated and mesquite grilled. Who can resist Live Maine Lobster picked right out of our lobster tank, perfectly steamed and served with lemon, butter and a bib! Your Chicken Teriyaki is marinated for you in teriyaki sauce and then grilled to perfection. If you are looking for something different, try a Combination of Chicken, Lobster, or Shrimp together with a Petite Sirloin. If you like Ground Sirloin you will enjoy the Top Sirloin that we grind daily, a full ten-ounce portion served with mushroom gravy on the side.
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