"Dream Town"

Lake Champlain Balloon Festival

Population: 39,295

Burlington has a reputation for their focus on work and serious issues of the community as well as play.
In 1993 Burlington was classified as the least stressful U.S. metro area for kids (Burlington Free Press, May 26,1993). The report rated 828 cities and metropolitan areas in terms of stress on children due to their natural and economic environment.

The July 1995 issue of Outside Magazine features Burlington, Vermont as one of America's "Dream Towns".

Burlington, the state's largest city, is situated along the shore of the 136 mile fresh water Lake Champlain. Burlington and surrounding Chittenden County have a total of 124,835j people. Backed by the Green Mountains to the east and facing the Adirondacks across the lake, northern Vermont is endowed with magnificent scenic panoramas.

Lake Champlain is the next largest fresh water lake in the United States, after the Great Lakes, and is one of the most beautiful. Beginning in Whitehall, New York, the lake flows northward about 120 miles to the U.S. Canadian border. At its widest, Lake Champlain stretches about 12 miles across, at Burlington.

The expanse of the Lake and three large, sheltered bays - Mallets Bay in Colchester, Burlington Bay, in the City of Burlington, and Shelburne Bay in Shelburne invite all types of lake oriented activities to this area. In addition, two major rivers, the Lamoille and the Winooski, enter the Lake here and provide excellent fishing and canoeing opportunities.

The Lake Champlain region is rich in history. Years before the arrival of the Europeans, the Abenaki and Iroquois Indians camped and hunted in the area's woodlands. In 1609, the French explorer, Samuel de Champlain, traveling south from Canada came upon the vast body of water that now bears his name.

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